Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alaskan Adventure: Day 2

About 45 minutes after the race we headed up to blueberry hill/ flat top mountain for a 3 hour hike... no better way to break up the lactic acid build up than a grueling hike!

Helping the girls up the mountain side

At this point in time Sophia had fallen a few times and had just about had it with the whole concept of hiking..

"I NEVER want to go hiking again!"

too bad we had half the mountain left to climb up.
but she was a trooper and she made it :)

Grace making a pit stop to rest 

Attempting to gather 29 people to take a group photo


And then began the descent... every adult grabbed a kid
and off we went!

surely but slowly...

Nothing like sandwiches, chips, and water at the end of a LONG day!

And what better way to end the day than with a moose literally 10 feet away

Needless to say after the race, the hike, and the active evening afterwards I was ready to CRASH. Exhaustion doesn't even begin to explain what I'm feeling.

But it's exhaustion in the greatest sense of the word. Racing, Hiking, family, food, and loads of activity... it doesn't get much better!

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