Monday, June 20, 2011

Alaskan Adventure: Rainy Day Hike

Sunday began with a bit of rain, but that didn't deter the group from a great hike through the woods!

It began with puddle jumping... needless to say Mason got drenched from his puddle jumping

Jack was one happy boy!

part of our massive group!

The Hand Tram to get across the river

Miss Mari came across with Auntie Sara and Uncle Jon

The boys trying to figure out the mystery of Hot Tamales
They were not impressed

We ended the day with some wrestling around the house.

Sam is my "peanut butter" and he calls me his "jelly"
He has also taken it upon himself to start biting me... which apparently is his way of showing affection. He must love his auntie lots considering the lovely bruise and broken skin I have on my arm :)

Today we are just hanging around the house and watching all the kiddos while most of the adults go on a fishing trip!

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