Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alaskan Adventure: Thunderbird Falls

It's been 7 years since I graduated high school (which seems ridiculous) and although I am not so great at keeping up with friends from those days, there are still those great friends that you just pick up with where you left off.

Thankfully...Katie is one of those friends :) Kates and I were always close throughout high school and while we definitely took separate paths in life, we've always been able to get together, chat and encourage each other wherever we are in life. I will always love and appreciate the kind of friendship we have.

What makes us even more bonded is our love for travel and through Katie's job at St. Jude's she gets that opportunity quite frequently... which entails travel to Alaska!

What are the chances we'd be in Alaska, at the same time?? I'm not sure but I'm glad it was in our favor :)

We picked Katie up for a hike at Thunderbird falls and she stayed on for dinner with the family. It was a beautiful day and the company made it that much better!

little nervous about the cliffs...

reunited and it feels so good!

Love this shot of my brother and his wife :)

The falls

Two old friends, catching up on life!

Thanks again for joining in on the family madness for a day Kates!!! Can't wait to see you in MN!

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