Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go Carts and Drag Racing

Yesterday Dan, Peter and I had the opportunity to hang out with some of our professors and some of the financial donors of Denver Seminary. Unfortunately Jon was bogged down with homework, but thankfully he let me go with the boys so I didn't miss out on the fun!

The agenda for the day... go carts and drag racing.

Honestly, we figured it might be lame, so we decided we'd stay for a bit and then roll out.  Needless to say we stayed until 10 p.m. and had a BLAST. seriously... so much fun.

Peter lookin fly in his go-cart

Dan (#27) prepping himself 

Both of the boys were in the first wave of racers while I was in the third

So proud of these two! Their times qualified them for the final go around

Then it was time to begin the drag racing. 
Quite frankly I was terrified.
Going that quickly, by myself, no protective gear :)

My first practice round wasn't great  but once I got the feel I had no issue putting the pedal to the medal.

Then the competition started

And I made it to the second round!!! 
Seriously, did not see that coming.
Of course I had to go up against Peter so my chances were quite slim but I was pumped that at least I beat Scott R. :)

Before our race :)

Of course Peter beat me.. but my overall time was faster, it was my dang reaction time that cost me the race.

I just played it off by telling everyone I was helping Peter protect his pride... yeah... that was it.

Now in the beginning of the competition I predicted that Peter and Dan would be duking it out in the end.

Apparently I've have the gift of seeing the future.
Because it came down to my boys.

They were both pumped they had made it to the end

And Peter won it all!!! 

It was a close one:)

And what is competition without awards?
Yes, I got the turtle award for having the slowest reaction time.
because i'm awesome.
and apparently really slow.

Peter is not only fast

but reckless as well :)

1st and 2nd place :)

Such a great and much needed day of fun!

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