Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Considering I started this blog as a way to keep track of my running I haven't been recording much of that. Last week was CRAZY and running was just not happenin' during midterms. So friday I decided to head out for four miles, and it. was. awesome!

My legs were fresh, I was breathing easy, and I was FLYING!

I figured since my 4 miler was so fantastic that of course my 11-miler on Sunday would be easy peasey. Especially because my 10 miler last week was incredible.

So with my spirit high and a positive attitude I set out.

I love the S. Platte River. It's gorgeous scenery and I love that people just chill out and fish :)

This is part of the trail that I will be running along for the 1/2 I kept picturing myself here in 3 weeks, I was feeling strong, I was going to CONQUER this in the next few weeks.

I was feeling FANTASTIC.

How could I not with the mountains in the background?

I felt my energy sink at around mile 5 so I decided to try something new!
Last week I tried Clif Gu shots.
I'm attempting to find something to give me a boost during my 1/2 and I want to test it before the actual race.

The Gu shots were good... but the gel wasn't the best texture
The Shot blocks were good too, but i didn't feel like I got the same burst of energy with them

So close to home... and yet still 5 miles from being done.

This is where things started to fall apart.

Mile 6 is typically my worst mile, but in all my previous long runs around mile 7-8 I pick it up and finish strong...


I couldn't breathe if my life depended on it (which i found out, it very much does)
my lungs felt like they were being crushed, and my legs were really tight (darn you yoga!)

It was looking not so fantastic, and then the wind picked up... thanks for that one.

I just kept holding on until I saw this beautiful sight ahead of me :)

my fabulous hubby and our friends dog Remy.

We're helping take care of Remy this weekend so I figured she would want to join me for part of my run.

Thank goodness for Remy!
She was literally pulling me for the last 2 miles. 

And those last two miles were ROUGH

I'm praying this whole "off" run thang is over and done with.
I don't want it showing up again for the 1/2.

I will say I was quite proud that I didn't totally lose it during the run. In the past there would have been tears, frustration, and a sense of failure.
This time around I just walked when I needed too and kept reminding myself that it's ridiculous to expect every run to be great. It just doesn't happen, and I need to be ok with that!

Let's just hope the 12 miler this weekend goes a bit better :)
prayers and advice are more than welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, You have my prayers going your way. I know you can do it!!