Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today is fat tuesday... and I'm indulging in some last minute ice cream :)

Last year for Lent Jon and I started our journey with The Love Dare and really loved it, but this year I decided to sacrifice something that is very close to me. sweets. and hopefully most processed sugars.

My friend Claire and I decided we were giving it a go and keeping each other accountable. Our definition would be cakes, candy, ice cream, cookies, etc. and I'm hoping to extend that to a lot of processed sugar. I'll stick with honey for a little sweetener, but for the next 40 days I'm calling it quits!

Growing up with Lent I don't know that I fully understand the true concept of doing something for Lent, but for me, now, it means sacrificing something that is important to me. and believe me, sugar is EXTREMELY important to me...

shall we take a gander??

Clearly I have some sort of addiction

although I will say that I'm having a little bit of a struggle at the thought of giving up my frozen yogurt. While the gummy bears and fruity pebbles are obviously not an option, my frozen yogurt choices have 0g of sugar, and no HFCS or anything like that..
 (yes I looked up the nutrition facts and ingredients online)

What do you think??

Are ya'll giving up anything for Lent?


Ashley Dreher said...

I'm giving up sweets for lent too! I'm an ADDICT!

Diary of a Scatterbrain said...

Im also giving up sweets for lent :) This shall be interesting

Justine said...

We learned something funny at small group last week from some people who grew up catholic (although some of the other catholics in the group were never told this growing up). Traditionly, Sundays do not count during Lent. Like you fast or give up things Monday-Saturday, but then you get Sunday. The thought behind it someone said (you can check this all out to see if it's true, but I thought was interesting...) it that is to prepare you for the excitement and joy of Easter Sunday. So you have all this 'mini' Sundays to prepare you for the big one. Or something along those lines...