Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Dan

I just have to start by saying we've been 100% blessed by the amazing people we've met out here.

The group of gals and guys we've been getting to know have just be great.
They share our love of God, learning, food, excellent movies (read: Tommy Boy), and the boys happen to share a passion of cooking :)

Jon has definitely been the meal maker around here before and I ALWAYS appreciate a man who can cook, no matter who he is.

Last friday a few of us ladies went to free yoga while the boys played X-box and then made us dinner.  I am all for coming home to tacos and fajitas that I didn't help prepare in any way shape or form.

Our friend Dan then volunteered himself to make us brunch the next morning
biscuits. and. gravy

I took him up on his offer, and he didn't disappoint.

Meet Dan. Dan is the Man

not to be confused with Jon who is my Mon (a little Jamaican flare for ya'll)

OH breakfast sausage... it's been WAAAAAAAY to long.

getting the gravy ready. 
you most definitely do not want to know how much butter and salt went into this
let's just say it was totally worth my stomach feeling slightly uncomfortable for the next 2 days.

The sausage has been added... magic is happening folks



For the love...

This was inhaled in about 2 minutes, I'm still salivating thinking about them

Dan you are definitely the man, and I'm totally thinking we need to make this 
"guys cooking for the gals" a weekly habit :)

Question: Does anyone know some substitutions that would maybe make this a little healthier? Not that I don't love clogging my arteries...

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