Sunday, March 27, 2011

Myth Busters

In regards to my running I've been forcing this half marathon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really pumped that I signed up for the half.

I've realized though that I've been putting waaaaaaay to much pressure on myself.

I've been believing some myths and not looking to the truth of the situation.

Myth: I should be able to run this half marathon as quickly as the last one.

Truth: I haven't ran regularly since last April/May. I truthfully can't expect to run this race as well when I haven't been running regularly for the last 9 months. The past 12 weeks have been great for training, but to not have any pre-training... well it's pretty foolish to think it's the same circumstance.

Myth: My lungs should be able to handle the elevation.

Truth: I went from running at sea level (literally the yellow sea was right next to me) to running at over a mile high. That's a serious shift and I need to give my lungs a bit of grace as they try to figure out how to get air.

Myth: I should be as fast as the other girls I've met

Truth: Most of the girls I know that are out here have been here... either their entire lives or for quite a few more months than I have. And most of them have been training and running regularly for a few years or more. Yes, I know. Ridiculous to even by comparing myself against them.

So, as I've been reviewing these truths in my mind as I run, I'm releasing myself from any expectations that I've been putting on the half marathon.

I won't be running for time.
I'm not putting pressure on myself to run the entire time.
It WILL be fun! (as racing should be )

Two more weeks to go!

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