Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Syringes, Needles, and IV's oh my!

In South Korea they like to use needles, a lot. Every time I go into the doctor some sort of injection, IV, or shot to the rear end is prescribed and it always ends with me shaking my head and repeatedly telling them NO! And they are persistent, they are really into their shots. I was supposed to have 3 injections a day for 3 days for having ...dun dun dun... a cold. Seriously that's it, a cold. For someone like me who absolutely HATES needles it's a nightmare. Honestly, I can't think of something I despise more. I was the crying 20 year old who needed the doctor to hold my hand while the nurse gave me a shot in the rear end so I could go to Nicaragua for a mission trip. Yea... I know pathetic, but I've come to terms with it.

But on to one of the reasons Korea really is crazy... and I can say that because it is. A few years ago our friend Ian posted these photos.

Apparently this tree was "ill" and needed some medicine.
As they were giving the tree these IV's to help the tree, they were also spraying it down with some sort of toxic chemical (while the school children were playing around under it!)
Now onto the next part of craziness... on a bridge near our place we found these all along the road.
Rows and Rows of syringes lining the roadside.
As we were taking the pictures the workers were laughing at us... because obviously this is a completely normal and typical procedure.
Later we learned that the syringes have some sort of apoxy to help the cement or something? But syringes?? Seriously?
It's moments like these that I love/ and am flabbergasted at Korea. Seriously what are you thinking!?

Only 7 more months of madness....

Stay tuned for an update on the Love Dare, it's been 1 week so far and it's been pretty interesting and thankfully needle free :)


Laura said...

IV's for a tree? Seriously? Woahhh... haha, it's almost hard to believe!

Anonymous said...

The do shots for everything in South Africa too! I was lucky enough to escape the shots, I had an infection on my thumb but had thankfully had an updated tetanus so I didn't have to get the shot in the butt!

Emily said...

Haha, your post cracked me up! I love the photos-crazy! (And don't feel bad, I was the 20 year old who passed out when I got shots to go to Nicaragua...I came to after my head hit the wall...) you're not alone :)

Anonymous said...

Different cultures are always so fasinating!
Ann Fure