Monday, February 22, 2010


Jon and I have been traveling maniacs the past few weeks. We've had some whirlwind tours of Korea, and have been escorting our families around showing them the highlights. It's been fun, tiring, exciting, full of adventure, and semi-expensive. But it's been totally worth it. I have realized however, how much more money you spend when in the company of others. They are all busy buying souvenirs and all sorts of things, and you begin to think " Well maybe we should get that to remember our time here, wouldn't that look cute?" And we forget that we already have about a million photos and 50 other souvenirs from this place. So we we really tried to cut down. Buuuuuuut when I saw these I had to get 'em.

They are little bird incense holders, and they... are... so cute!
Such character, so charming!

awwww.... aren't they sweet!?

And then of course I found this little guy. I can't even really explain why I enjoy this little guy so much. It was fun, quirky, and I just adored him from first sight.

He's got a lovely shade of blue but not too much and you can even put a candle inside of 'em!

Why can't I be outside with all the other owls??

He's just so noble looking. And even now, as I'm staring at him from across the room, I still can't quite figure out why I just "had to have him", but I did, and now I do. And for the moral of the story, when trying to save money and being touristy at the same time.... just give up... because once you see a cute little iron owl, you'll know spending the money on something you don't really need, is totally worth it.

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