Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Guns

This past weekend we made our way out to the shooting range.

We found a place a solid hour away in the middle of some fields, it was awesome.

Driving down the dirt road transported me to back to Pillager and I felt I should have been pulling up to the farm any minute.

Unfortunately we were a couple hundred miles away from that possibility. But we still had a an awesome, albeit windy time.

Our Professor, Dr. Payne provided our weaponry

Jon takin' 'em down one by one :)

Our shooting view.

Our friend Kat who was ROCKING it.

She had all the boys beat.

Is it sad that we knew we were at the right place because we saw the huge American Flag?


of what? I'm not sure. 
minor detail.

Our friend Brad who is a little bit more believable as an enforcer.

Dan may have given Kat a run for her money, but I'm pretty sure she still took him down.

holding my own...

The aftermath.

At just a few dollars a pop this was cheap entertainment that I envision becoming tradition.

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