Thursday, April 14, 2011


Denver is known for it's amazing sunshine.

I mean, 300 day out the year are dedicated to the glorious warmth and cheeriness the sun has to offer.

While it has drastically improved my mood, and my ability to wake up in the morning there are days when it can feel a bit forced.

It's difficult for me to allow myself to feel reflective, sad, or even relaxed on sunny days. There is this innate  Minnesotan need to be outside in the sun, doing something! Otherwise it would be a waste.

I'm sure that as time goes by I'll become more accustomed to the sun, and won't feel the need to be soaking up every ray or feel the regret if I don't.

Today is a rainy Denver day.

normally this would upset me. It's gloomy, it's dark, I have no motivation, I can't be productive... etc.

but today?

 I. am. loving. it.

I have the peace of mind to just relax and stay inside.

There's no pressure to go out and make something out of the day for fear of wasting it.

Because in reality, no day is lost.

Everyday, regardless of how busy, peaceful, stressed, relaxed, or productive is a good day. 

And just one more day that I've been blessed to experience and share with others that are around me.

So, bring on the rain.


Laura said...

I couldn't agree more, I LOVE the sunshine since I'm from the Chicago, but I can relate to needing a rainy day here and there, and feeling bad when I'm not always seizing sunny days. Great pictures, did you take those today?

The Stainbrooks said...

Hey girl! Yes I think us midwesterners (especially the Northern ones) totally appreciate that sun! I did take the pictures, but it was last year in Korea. I need to get out and capture some of the Spring that has been happening in CO!