Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where I come from...

I absolutely LOVE being home. My parents house is comfortable, cozy, and so welcoming.

Here comes the welcome wagon...errr mules.

Just look at that face. Makes you want to set up camp right there in the stable.
I love the snow covered fences just adds a little more charm
Home Sweet Home

i love the way the sun plays off the snow and adds such a soft glow

Can you feel the peace and serenity from the rising sun? this is my favorite time of day on the farm, everything is quiet and calm. Can you feel every part of your body starting to freeze in the -30 weather? Because let me tell you... I was numb after this little number.

and then you walk in the door and see this little face... and how can you not feel right at home?


Kayla said...

Wow. Your parents have a beautiful place!

Laura said...

I'm in love with your parent's house!!!! Seriously!