Friday, January 8, 2010

Blast from the Past

High School.
For some it was the glory days, and they relive it each day reminiscing about all they did and the friends they had.
For others it was hellish, a living nightmare if you will, and they do just about everything to forget.

For me... it's not really either. I loved high school and had amazing friends, and a really good time. But I don't think about it everyday or even once a week. I do, however, think about some of the awesome people I was blessed to go to school with, and that I still keep in contact with (semi-regularly). This trip I was actually able to see some of these kindred souls and just chat about life and all the things we'd been up too!

I got to see these two lovely ladies (well actually all three... but the beauty on the far left is Amanda, a college friend... which came a little after high school) Katie and Melissa. I would say my two best gals from high school. We have shared so much over the years and I can't believe to this day that they both chose to befriend me, and still do. The three of us have been in Choir, Spanish, horrid math classes, gone to Spain together, cried over boys together, laughed over boys together, and in general have supported each other in ever way. We may not talk all the time, but when I see these ladies it's like time has stood still, and I LOVE that. I'm also extremely proud of both of them. Katie (the blonde :) ) lives in Seattle and works for St. Jude's. She loves what she does and she is impacting the world in so many ways, I find myself envying her life at times! Melissa is married to her high school sweetheart and has a handsome little boy, who looks so much like his papa it kinda creeps me out:)

I got to see this strapping gentleman, Tony... probably one of my best friends throughout highschool. Whethere it was the school play together, getting in trouble for talking during band practice/ concerts, me coming to his house for pudding, or crusing around on the lake Tony and I have been through a lot, and have come a long way and I'm so thankful that we are still friends and can still joke around like we did back in the day.

And then there's this guy... Brian. Also a fantastic friend! Always had an ear for me to vent to and a shoulder for me to cry on. We share a love of acting, reading (yay Harry Potter), and working at Kavanaughs:) And now he is married with an adorable little girl. Seriously so cute. I almost stole her, then realized getting her back to Korea might prove to have some issues... dang that passport.

All in all, I was really excited to relive some High school days and catch up on life with these lovely folks. It was nice to know that people have grown and changed, but at the heart of it not much has changed at all... except ya know jobs, marriage, and babies... man I'm gettin' old ;)

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Laura said...

I so feel like I'm getting old too! Each time someone knew has babies or gets married, I'm like woah... time has seriously flown by! The 'time stands still' friendships are the best. I absolutely love that feeling, being back with someone you haven't seen for a long time, and picking right up where you left off!!