Friday, November 13, 2009

We've landed on the moon! Or ya know, slept in the house...

We we did it, we spent the night for the first time in our new house on the islands last night! It was FANTASTIC~ As we knew it would be :) I've also baked cheesy biscuits and a batch of cookies in the oven already. And I've made Jon hang Christmas lights, it's never to early to decorate for Christmas. I'd put some pictures up, but we still don't have 1/2 of our furniture and won't until next week. And I'm one of those people that just has to have everything set up perfectly to my liking before pictures are shown, one of those perfectionist things I suppose. So I'll let you see how absolutely perfect the islands are... seriously they are just gorgeous

Other news would detail that I am now officially 24... wow, 24. I kept telling myself that it wasn't that old (which in reality isn't). But it just hit me, I will be 25 next year, 25 holy smokes! Half way to 50, a quarter of the way to 100... out of control! But really the day was quite interesting. It was probably one of the best/worst birthday's I've had. I was really discouraged and brought down in the morning by a few negative words, but a few encouraging words from friends back home really showed that I do have people in my life that care about me, and care about understanding and appreciating me. I felt so much better by the end of the day, and almost free in a sense. It's amazing how the Lord can comfort you and reveal to you so many truths in just a few short hours. I almost felt a burden lift and a weight off of my shoulder and realized that I am the one who controls how others make me feel, and it's just not worth listening to some people's opinion. Especially when their words or criticisms are not coming from a place of love or caring. And those aren't words I need to allow in my life, so I'm not going to anymore! What a light and joyous feeling!

Ahhh... so with that being said, we've only got 35 days until Alaska. 5 weeks, that's it! I'm so excited to see my sister and her whole family, it's been 18 long months, and it'll be great to see my brother and his family as well. We got to see them for 24 short hours in September and it wasn't enough!

I'll post pictures of house when it's set up and ready.
Blessings to you all!


Laura said...

Sara, what absolutely stunning photos of the islands! I'm not exactly sure what islands you are talking about, but I believe you're still in Korea, teaching? I'm so happy you guys have your own place now; Matt and I are waiting for that day which will come after the trip. A place to call your own offers refuge from the worst day. And your revelation of other people's criticism is absolutely true: only we control how we let people's words or actions make us feel. I struggle with this a lot but you are so right. Thanks for reminding me today! Praying for the transition for you and Jon, and look forward to more photos of your house!

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