Monday, November 16, 2009

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater!

So on a bit of an adventure the other day Jon and I were in search for pumpkins. I was in the mood to make pumpkin flavored things and recently I've been making pumpkin puree so I was in need of pumpkins to make the puree, to make some delicious treats! So we meandered around the islands trying buy a pumpkin and we came across a shop that had a ton of pumpkins out front. So I finally found the lady to buy from and she wouldn't let me pay her! She gave me 3 pretty large pumpkins and said they'd be great for cooking, I took her Korean word for it :)

So Saturday consisted of roasting, peeling, pureeing and bagging pumpkin. And this is what I ended up with :)

This is about 17 cups of pumpkin puree, and this isn't counting the 5 other cups in the refrigerator, so please any pumpkin recipes send them my way!

These are the amazing pumpkin spice muffins found on Seriously love that woman's blog and all of her amazing food!

Some pumpkin soup! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think it was a little too fancy for Jon's tastes :)

Next I'll be attempting some pumpkin cookies and we'll see what else, the possibilities are endless! Hope you are all having a fantastic day!


Kayla said...

Mmmmm! Looks yummy!!!

Laura said...

Sara, I saw that you referred me to Pioneer Woman's blog and guess what, I'm already a HUGE FAN. I came across her blog while searching for photo tips and have been a fan since. What a hilarious and down to earth woman. Makes me wish I was living on a ranch haha! I haven't had the opportunity to cook much since following her blog, but I hope to be able to try out her recipes when we get back! I'm tempted to buy her cookbook! You're making me get the Thanksgiving spirit with all this pumpkin talk! Pumpkin pie... mmmmm.