Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Let me present our House!!!!!!!!!!

These are the two houses, ours is the one on the right. We also have a little white picket fence, to completely identify the English Compound as we call it :)
These are both sides of the bathroom, one side is normal the other is the washer/dryer.

From the Kitchen looking into the Living Room
Living room into the Kitchen, oven and all! woo hoo!
View from the Bedroom door.
The Bedroom
Our Advent "wreath" ahhhh I love Christmas :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day and long weekend! I'll be puttin' up some pictures from our little shindig soon!


The Stephens said...

Looks great!

Kayla said...

It looks super nice! Nice and cozy!