Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ahhh my 3rd blog in almost a year. But the other two were just getting to be too much. With the Korean Adventure one I felt like I could only report on thing pertaining to Korea or traveling, and it got to be too much. And with my personal blog I felt it always had to be much more insightful than I was willing to really give. So, here it is a little bit of everyday life with the Stainbrook's. Silly happening's at school, travel, day to day randomness. And I'm really hoping to keep it up, however if I don't... well then I don't. So bare with me as I force myself to write. I'm horrible at journaling and such but feel that there needs to be some record of our lives for our kids (hopefully) to one day look back on and say "oh wow our parent's were crazy" not really were.. probably still are. So... here it is, the new blog. The word on our street. Enjoy

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