Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alaskan Adventure: Family

Now that Jon and I have been back from Alaska for a week, I've been looking through the pictures and already wondering about when we'll go back.

Not only did we get to do and see so many things that people only dream of, we were able to spend some quality (albeit) busy time with family. The last time my siblings were all together was during Jon's and my wedding... 3 years ago. With all of us spread all over the world (Alaska, Finland, South Korea/Colorado) it has made our time together few and far between, but that much more cherished when we do get the chance to be together.

So to finish our trip off we took some family photos. Nothing fancy, but it's all of us together, and that's what matters.

Joel & Miia

Nate & Jess

Nate, Jess, Sammy & Ben (Jack was already sleeping)

The boys with Auntie Miia and Uncle Joel

We actually got them to sit nicely with us... miracle.

Sophia, Mari, and Grace 

Attempting a picture with Henry... not happenin'.

Rebecca and Eric with their munchkins... 
hopefully their Christmas card this year... because it's awesome.

And one more with our Aunt Kathy and Uncle Scott (who just happened to be in Alaska at the same time!)

Thank you so much Eric, Rebecca, Nate & Jess for hosting all of us and for making this one fantastic family reunion :)

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