Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 14'er

Last week my good friend Ali (who I ran this race with) asked me to go for a hike. This wasn't just any walk through the woods... we were going to tackle a 14'er (a mountain above 14,000 feet). It was my very first one... and it was a blast!!!

(unfortunately our nice camera is in the shop... and I have completely forgotten how to use the point n' shoot... so bear with me)

 Ali figuring out the way                                          

Both of us are training for a half marathon ( this sunday! yikes!) And we still had to stop frequently... let's just say climbing 5,000 ft in 4 miles gets tiring!

We finally made it to the top!

6 miles in 3 hours... we were pretty proud :)

Now there was another peak we could've gotten too... but the clouds rolling in made us a bit nervous. And thank goodness we weren't feeling too adventurous because half way down the mountain it started raining and the peaks were covered in fog.

Guess we'll just have to hike it another time!

Ali is just way too cute :)
Not only that, she is a fantastic friend and woman of God.
Our conversation for the entire trip was so great and encouraging for the both of us.
Have I mentioned how blessed we have been in the friends department since making our way out to CO?

It wouldn't be complete without a jumping picture :)

Overall my first 14'er was a great experience and I'm pumped to hike some more this fall!

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