Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Stainbrooks are back!

In the States and in the blogging land!

I honestly can't believe that it's been a solid 2 weeks since I've been on here, and that we've been home for about the same amount of time!

Truthfully though, after almost 2 solid months of blogging most everyday, the break was nice.  It was nice just to enjoy family, food, and no frantic picture taking!

But, as always... it's nice to be back! So much has happened in the past couple weeks, and numerous pictures and some recipes are waiting to be shared...

but I'll leave you with a few shots to give you some ideas as to what we've been up too and I'll be back with more details later.

I had to make some yummy sugar spice cookies for Thanksgiving... recipe to follow~

Catching up on the last 2 years of life!

Oh Thanksgiving and it's mass quantities of food!

Celebrating with lovely family

A most excellent sign from my nieces and nephews

Pheasant pot pie... also a delicious Thanksgiving option

Freshly baked bread... doesn't get much better

Chinese food time!! It was a dream come true :)

Celebrating birthdays

The Hens getting used to some snow

Decorating for Christmas

Have I mentioned how much I love being home??

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Maribell said...

Hello Sara! Jon and you look so happy to go back home. You have a wonderful family. Good for you! I'm often thinking of you. I miss you......