Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Potica bread

Every Christmas, for as long as I can remember (except the last two.. dang you Korea) I have helped my mom in the process of Potica Bread.

I remember my aunt and cousins coming over, I remember "helping" to chop nuts and spread the butter, and I remember how it totally defined when  Christmas was truly here.

There are numerous versions of Potica bread as it's made in Slovakia, Slovenia, and numerous other eastern block countries, but my mom's is the only version in it's class (that we've found). It's a prized family recipe and tradition... and it's delish.

Oh, the butter.... that's like maybe half of it. 

farm fresh eggs ready to head in!

My job... every year.

Sorry Nells Bells none for you :)

Sugar, milk and butter, and eggs...


Nice and bubbly

mixing it up!

sugar and nuts...

doughy goodness

Look at that baby! Nothing like a little rising time to poof things up!

The work sheet

the rolling process, it takes some muscle

Nice and big!

butta' time!

time for the filling

roll it up!

Waiting for their turn

More butter anyone?

rise a wee bit more

And before you know it you are done and ready to dig in!!!

As time intensive as it is, I can't wait to make potica bread a tradition when I have children. It's one of my favorite childhood memories and such a fun and delicious gift to give!

What are some of your favorite holiday treats?


Margaret Perko said...

Yay Potica! I totally have a date with my mom to make it next Wednesday! It's so exciting! It was great to see you yesterday!


Melissa said...

Seriously, Mark just about died when he took his first bite of this little treat! He was so excited, and he really doesn't get that excited over Christmas sweets! You guys did an amazing job :)

Kayla said...

So I've never had that bread before but I am so drooling over these pictures! If you ever want to share the recipe I'll be very happy:)

The Stainbrooks said...

haha liss I'm happy he liked it :) I'll have to let mom know that she broke mark out of his sweets denial :)

Kayla- unfortunately it's a secret family recipe :) my mom hasn't given it to anyone since she got it... I still don't even have it!

Marge- oooh I want to try your mom's version!