Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Lady of the Hour...

This is Amanda, one of my absolute favorite people in the world. And one of the best friends a girl can have :)

(This is an old picture, please excuse the perm... and the pinecones??)
Amanda has always been someone I can turn to with any problem. She gives great advice and is always ready to say something random that will make me laugh! I love her for that, and her laugh is incredibly infectious. We share interests in a lot of things, we enjoy Jillian Michaels, sharing "healthy" tips, getting the wax out of our ears with wax candles, traveling, and cooking and baking (although she far surpasses me in both cooking and baking). Lately we've both been discussing a bog we absolutely love. The Pioneer Woman, the woman is AMAZING. Seriously click on the side of my blogs where I'm a follower of her blog. But the great thing about The Pioneer Woman is she is an amazing cook and came out with a cookbook, she also went on a book tour to sign copies. She came to Minneapolis and I was devastated that I missed her!~stupid south Korea. But what I didn't realize is how truly generous and amazing Amanda is. I got this little surprise in the mail today from Amanda...

Amanda and her mother in law stood in line for 4.5 hours to meet Ree, and get some books signed... including one for ME!!!!!! This was the greatest gift EVER. I was in shock, crying, laughing, grinning, and trying to hold in all the love and joy I had for Amanda and the Pioneer Woman :)

Look at all the pretty pages!

I CANNOT wait to try some out! Thank you Thank you Thank you Amanda! You made my year :)

(oh and we really do need to get some more pictures of the two of us, because my selections is pretty poor, and I'd love one that is not circa 2007).


Jordan said...

that picture is classic though, i love it. i don't see anything on here about the amazing job i did packing and mailing the book for her? hahaha, just kidding. hope you both are doing great.

Laura said...

You got the cookbook! I'm jealous! I think I'll probably get one for Christmas as it was really the only specific on my list, but it won't be SIGNED! Lucky you! Let's hear some blog posts about how those recipes turn out!!!