Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cookie Monster!

This year I had a crazy idea, why not bake cookies for every single one of our students!? Jon looked at me with a sigh and said "Go for it" So... I did! The reason I wanted to do this is because many of our students don't have much, at all. Many of them have no parents or have been left by their parents and live with aunts, uncles, or grandparents. They really have nothing and I figure if we can give them some christmas cheer why not? Sooooooo this is the second batch we did for all of our student, and we also made some goodies for the teachers as well.

The cookie cutting process, so long but I love the shapes!

305 frosted cookies all done today, we baked 135 last week for a grand total of 440... insanity.
So Many!!!!!!
The goodies for the teachers. Special K bars, cookies, and Pumpkin bars!

So far the response has been great :) Some of my students were afraid to eat them because they were so pretty. One of my third graders ate the sprinkles off one by one ( this is a 15 year old boy I might add) A teacher at Jon's school started crying because she was so happy that we would make cookies. It's been so worth all the work just to see the joy it's spreading. To think one cookie would make someone that happy. It's awesome!

Hope everyone else's Christmas Cookie baking is going well :) ahhh I love this time of year!

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Laura said...

It gave me chills to read this because I am being reminded constantly how fortunate we all really are, even when times are tough. Some people have so little. You and Jon are doing a great thing by spreading Christmas cheer this way! I just spent hours making cookies with my inlaws today, so I know the work you went through! :)