Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Rocks Easter

I feel a little pathetic posting an Easter blog a month after the fact, but I just found the pictures and it was a pretty sweet Easter... so I thought I'd share anyway. 

And let's be honest it's never to late to relive resurrection Sunday.

This year we decided to live it up CO style and enjoy a sunrise service at Red Rocks. 

As a child I abhorred the sunrise service, I'm not sure what my mother was thinking but somehow we always were up bright and early and now it's just a part of life. Although I'm pretty sure as a child it didn't entail waking up at 3:30 driving 30 minutes and sitting in the mist for 1.5 hours.

So thanks for not taking it to that level mom...

It was awesome to see how many people showed up despite the cold and mist.

A red rock... yes there is a method to the madness behind the name.

Yes, I AM the wife that makes her husband get out of the warm blanket to take pictures of everyone... 

These kids in front of us were AWESOME whenever there was some upbeat worship music our group and theirs were the ONLY one's standing up and dancing up a storm. It was great!

And to keep all of our spirits up we brought Easter candy, and Mr. Butterfinger was my first indulgence... and it was a good one.

Honestly we weren't sure what to expect for the service. We'd heard it could be a pretty "universal" message and after seeing the pastor on TV the night before we figured we were in for a pretty watered down message. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised! The pastor did a phenomenal job and really brought the message of Easter and the response was great :)

For as long as we're living it up in CO I can see this becoming a great Easter tradition, and the huge potluck with all of our friends afterwards didn't hurt either!

P.S. Posts should be coming a bit more regularly now that we are out of school... none of this month later stuff anymore! 

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Laura said...

Pretty, Sara! That looks like a great experience!