Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to School

Obviously from the lack of blogging the past month we've had a bit of a shift in our daily schedule.

Welcome to our life...

Yes... school has started and our life has been consumed by books.

Ok... that's a little bit of a lie. We've had  A LOT of social gatherings in the past few weeks that have also been consuming a large part of our days.

It's been hard to slow down and actually share what our life has consisted of, but fortunately I finally downloaded the 500 pictures we had waiting on our camera.
So get ready for lots of blog posts to come!

but back to life on this particular study day...

We spent the day at Hudson Gardens which is next to the school.
We studied, watched some geese and wandered around the beautiful gardens.

the pumpkin field was by far my favorite

It was a beautiful day, and so lovely to spend it outside studying and just enjoying each other's company!

and as promised... more posts and pictures to come!

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